Rudbeckia MiniBeckia™Flame

These larger-than-large flowers are bright blends of dark red and yellow, with a dark eye, offering us a warm “by the fireside” or “sittin’ by the campfire" effect in the garden.
MiniBeckia™Flame is one of our favorites! 

Rudbeckia ‘MiniBeckia Flame’ (GardenChoice) "The bees are the true judges of which plants are the winners. This superstar has been on trial for a few seasons, and seems to keep getting better every year with perfect symmetry and powerful color."

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GreatMyrtle™ Crepe Myrtles

These USDA Zone 5, GREATMYRTLES™ are the earliest to bloom Crepe Myrtles IN THE MARKET! The flower power of these GREATMYRTLES™ is something to see. These blooming machines will perform strong all season, with large flowers on a small stature plant (30-36").