Network Partners for Growers

The GardenChoice™ network of professionals is made up of the highest quality horticultural companies from all over the world. Integrity, professionalism, and trust are the principles that GC and all of its network partners bring to the grower trade in North America.

Located in Dewey Rose, GA, Davis Floral is a family run business, specializing in young plant liners and prefinished production.  Davis Floral offers a wide selection of annual genetics, prefinished, Tropical, and poinsettia liners.

A wholesale nursery focused on Plant Propagation, new plant variety introductions, and production of finished nursery stock for the wholesale industry. The 3-generation family business, founded in 1921. Internationally known as an industry leader in ornamental plant grafting, cutting production, and commercial plant production.  Decker Nursery ships within the United States to about 40 states and Canada.

Established in 1987, D.S. Cole Growers brings over 35 years of experience in quality products to the GardenChoice network. Located in Loudon, New Hampshire D.S. Cole produces and ships throughout the US and into Canada. Look to D.S. Cole for a diverse selection of annuals, houseplants, perennials & succulents.

Emerald Coast brings 30+ years of proven quality, reliability and a true passion for plants.  ECG has long been an industry leader in ornamental grasses and perennials, with an eye for the unique, and with a deep commitment to the horticultural industry.  This, coupled with their 500,000 square feet of heated production space and 55+ acres in the Florida panhandle, makes them a perfect fit as a GardenChoice Network Partner.  Look to Emerald Coast Growers for your tried-and-true favorites, and for all the new up-and-comers.

Green Leaf Plants, a division of Aris Horticulture Inc., is located in Lancaster, PA and is a reliable source for perennial starter plants, available in multiple sizes. Green Leaf Plants’ assortment is extremely diverse, offering the customer a complete selection of perennials from top breeders around the world. Not limited to just perennials, Green Leaf Plants also offers grasses, herbs, garden mums, assorted succulents, and Boston fern liners. The Keepsake Plants division of Aris offers a finished and prefinished tropical line and specialty florist crops.

Kientzler North America (Innovaplant), located in Costa Rica and founded in 1994, offers the highest quality unrooted cuttings (URCs), with a diverse and broad selection of varieties feom breeders around the world. In addition to URCs, Kientzler offers tissue culture direct from their laboratories in Costa Rica. A trusted industry partner, with a proven talent for excellence.

Located in Deerfield, MA, Pioneer Gardens offers American-grown perennials, started from vegetative cuttings or tissue culture. In addition to liners, Pioneer offers a hearty field-grown bare-root perennial line. Founded in 1996, Pioneer is focused on providing the highest quality plant and customer service to wholesale growers throughout the North American market.

Located in Cresco, Iowa, Plantpeddler has a full line up for every customer, from spring liners to fall mums and poinsettias. In addition Plantpeddler is also a trusted, go-to source for plant evaluations and reports, with their annual summer and poinsettia trials.

With 1.5 million square feet of covered space, Plug Connection provides the many needs of the industry, with programs including: annuals and perennials from both seed and vegetative cuttings, as well as herbs and edibles from seed, and a uniquely grafted edible line. Poinsettias, succulents, and cyclamen round out this mix, making Plug Connection a much sought-after supplier.

Based in Madison, Ohio, the Quality Cuttings Team has an extremely diverse selection of unrooted annuals, perennials & succulents. Quality Cuttings Team has partnered themselves with the well-known, Floraplant SA de C.V. in Mexico, and together they bring the highest quality unrooted cuttings to the customer. With a selection of well over 700 varieties to choose from, customers are sure to find whatever they want to complete their programs.

A valued go-to source in the industry. Raker-Roberta’s offers over 3,000 plant varieties in a variety of sizes, a fit for every grower’s need. Programs include a Spring, Summer-Fall, Tropical, Houseplant & Succulent offering as well as garden mums and poinsettias. Raker’s trial gardens have also become an event to look to as an excellent source for evaluating up and coming new plant varieties.

With decades of experience, Southwest Perennials Inc. brings generations of family together to produce quality perennial liners suited to the Texas climate as well as other tough growing conditions across the U.S. Headquartered in Dallas, Southwest Perennials specializes in drought-tolerant and native varieties, shipping to most of the lower 48.

A trusted source since 1948, Hardy Boy Plants offers a fantastic selection of annuals, perennials and ornamental grasses. Look to Welby as well for a great line of organic vegetable & herbs. You will find Hardy Boy Plants located in Arvada, Co. with 1,000,000 sq ft. of production space, housing there more than 3,000 varieties.

Wenke-Sunbelt brings over 70 years of expertise and excellence to the GardenChoice Network of Partners.  With strategic locations in both Michigan and Georgia allowing regional truck delivery and nationwide delivery via FedEx/LTL.  Family owned and operated, providing high quality plant material, customer service, and delivery.

Since 1981 Westcan Greenhouses Ltd. has been providing superior quality liners across Canada and into the US.  They offer a vast selection of grasses, perennials, succulents, annuals, groundcovers and shrubs in an assortment of sizes to fit each customers individual needs. Their values are: Get It Done, Ownership, Excellence, Risk Taker and Open-Honest & Constructive. 


Network Partners for Retailers

SynRG’s mission is to accomplish more together than we could individually.

SynRG® is owned by five charter growers – Overdevest Nurseries LP, Prides Corner Farms Inc., Saunders Brothers Inc., Sheridan Nurseries Ltd and Willoway Nurseries Inc.

These growers collaborate with plant breeders from around the world and independent garden center retailers in the United States and Canada to test and evaluate new plants, with the goal of awarding only the best tested and most trusted new plants the Handpicked for You® trustmark.  This is not a new branding program, but rather a certification program that buyers can depend on.  The Handpicked for You® trustmark helps consumers make good choices while providing reassurance that each item identified with the trustmark has been rigorously tested and locally scrutinized, only making the final cut when the plant variety has proven its performance.  SynRG is a front-line trialing and testing network partner for GardenChoice™. 

To this end, SynRG’s core values are education, collaboration, innovation, transparency, community, and sustainability.  These core values drive the collaborative process to find, trial, and certify the best new plants as Handpicked for You® certified.