There’s a new source for exceptional plant genetics, GardenChoice™, launched at Cultivate ‘19. This alliance is the brainchild of four leading horticultural companies, including:


Rooted in Experience

GardenChoice began when Jim Eason (EHR), Ko Klaver (BTC), Arjen Vriend (PG), and Rick Grazzini (G2) met over coffee during the California Spring Trials 2015. Each had a business need that the other independent companies could meet, with a goal of working together more effectively to improve the products and services delivered to their customers.

Here’s a peek into how the alliance was formed:

GardenGenetics wanted more direct work with a field-scale perennial grower, and Pioneer Gardens could be that grower. Eason Horticultural Resources wanted access to proprietary plant genetics to better differentiate their products and give their customers something unique. GardenGenetics and Botanical Trading Company could provide innovative genetics, and Pioneer Gardens could produce liners and bare-root plants. Pioneer gardens wanted access to proprietary perennial genetics and GardenGenetics was already working developing improved herbaceous perennials. Finally, Botanical Trading Company wanted new products, particularly herbaceous perennials, which it could promote to its box store growers.

After many years of working out the logistics, GardenChoice™ was born, poised to serve every level of the horticultural marketplace.

A Dahlightful® Start

It’s time to look for the first introductions from GardenChoice™, the Dahlightful® darkleaf dahlia series, which is available now from brokers and rooting stations. These compact, dark-leaved garden dahlias show great season-long performance in the garden and are considered among the best-performing darkleaf dahlias anywhere. Plants in the Dahlightful series produce beautiful flowers from early through late in the season. 

All five everblooming Dahlightful colors are adapted to growing almost everywhere in the US and Canada.  They’re upright with tidy compact habits, growing 20-28″ tall and equally at home in containers and in the landscape.

In addition to Dahlightful® dahlias, GardenChoice™ has brought to market a number of exciting new plants including; MiniBeckia™ Flame, Lagerstromeia GreatMyrtle™, Nepeta SylvesterBlue™, Dianthus EverBloom™ and Allium Chivette. Joining these intros in 2022 will be Leucanthemum FlowerPower™ and Artemisia GardenGhost™. 

These new introductions are the beginning of an exciting new collection to watch for from GardenChoice™!

Moving Forward

You can depend on GardenChoice because we’re a start-to-finish solution releasing only exceptional, tested genetics with adequate supply.

  • Each variety will be thoroughly tested throughout the U.S. and will come with detailed protocols for growers to use as a starting point for production and scheduling so that growers have immediate success with new varieties.

  • Before any GardenChoice product is released, a reliable supply chain using only the highest quality stock farms and rooting stations will be in place so that growers and retailers don’t end up with holes on their benches.

  • GardenChoice products will be available from brokers you know and trust.

Want to know how GardenChoice™ products can help your business grow? Contact us here.