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Lagerstroemia GreatMyrtle™

First Zone-5 hardy Crepe Myrtle!

Choose from four delectable colors, Cotton Candy, French Vanilla, Red Velvet and Cherry Delight. All can be available to ship, in bloom, starting late April from south Florida, or as a liner for finished production. Watch this innovative new plant bloom in your garden or on your patio all summer long. Great for use in the garden, zone 5b or warmer, or in planters as a patio accent. This groundbreaking new series is brought to you from the breeders at GardenGenetics®.

You will see Great Myrtle™ size up to be 36” high by 36” wide, with multiple flowers forming all over it’s, well mounded and densely branched habit.


  • Heavy flowering, from late June to heavy frost
  • Flowers on an umbrella-like canopy
  • Densely branched & sturdy
  • Root-hardy to at least zone 5, new growth from old wood zone 6 & above
  • Minimal annual pruning required in the landscape
  • Can be sold in bloom for Mother’s Day from Florida-produced containers


Height: 36”
Spacing: 42″
Spread: 36”
Bloom Time: Summer long (late June thru frost)
Habit: Mounded
Light: Sun
Hardiness: Zone 5b (at least)

Available for 2021/2022 orders in these four colors:

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GreatMyrtle varieties

Lagerstroemia GreatMyrtle™ Cherry Delight, USPP 32,247

Vibrant, unrestrained cherry-red colored blossoms

Lagerstroemia GreatMyrtle™ French Vanilla, USPP 34,246

Rich and creamy, extremely showy, clean white flowers

Lagerstroemia GreatMyrtle™ Red Velvet

Bright and bold deep pink flowers

Lagerstroemia GreatMyrtle™ Cotton Candy

Cloud-like and fluffy, delicate pink flowers