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Leucanthemum FlowerPower

Sturdy, strong & stunning

Leucanthemum FlowerPower has a lot to offer the landscape and container world.  This lovely new Leucanthemum, is another fine addition from the breeding of Brent Horvath, brought to you by GardenChoice™.  In trials this plant has shown stunning performance with an overabundance or 2-3” white with yellow flowers on strong and sturdy stems.

Zone 4 hardy, this Leucanthemum will reach 18-24” Tall and 24-32” wide.

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  • Sturdy and durable
  • Densely branched
  • Bright white large single flowers on short strong stems
  • Flowers all season-long
  • Good disease resistance
  • Produced from stock plants which test clean from crown gall diseases


Height: 18-24”
Spacing: 15-18″
Spread: 24-30”
Bloom Time: Summer/Fall
Habit: Groundcover
Light: Sun
Hardiness: Zone 4


Wide-awake and sturdy, with simplistic white petals and gold center.