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Hibiscus MoonShadow PPAF UPAF

This MoonShadow will not fall in the dark in the garden!

This new moscheutos Hibiscus will lend itself to being a garden favorite. Early to emerge from dormancy and earlier to flower, this dark-leaved beauty will come into flower 3-4 weeks earlier than others in the market. Early emergence allows for longer bloom time in the garden and increased shelf life at the retailer. 

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  • Flowers 2-3 weeks earlier than other moscheutos types.
  • Shows improved tolerance to Japanese Beetles & sawfly larvae.
  • Flowers heavily throughout the season.
  • Densely branched and compact habit.
  • Exhibits decreased seed set in the garden.
  • Longer shelf life at retail with extended bloom time.


Height: 4 feet tall
Spacing:  5-6 feet
Spread: 3 feet wide
Bloom Time: Summer through Fall
Habit: Upright 
Light: Sun
Hardiness: Zones 5-9

Available for 2022/2023 orders in these three colors:

Hibiscus MoonShadow™ Rosita

Beautiful pink, standout flowers with deep veins.

Hibiscus MoonShadow™ Morello

Great mid-red Hibiscus with a pronounced deeper center.

Hibiscus MoonShadow™ Carmine

Outstanding deep-red variety - a real stand out color!