Dahlightful® Dahlias

A Breakthrough Dahlia Series introduced by GardenChoice

Dahlightful® Dahlias, developed by GardenGenetics®, bloom with big, bright, jewel-toned flowers atop rich, chocolate foliage, providing season-long color from late spring through fall. This series is exceptional, and a breakthrough in dahlia genetics.

Plants are exceptionally resistant to most powdery mildew strains and are well adapted to growing in most of the United States and Canada. Upright with tidy compact habits, growing 20-28″ tall. 

To Order

Contact Eason Horticultural ResourcesFred C. Gloeckner & Company, and other leading broker companies which represent Kientzler, Mast, Davis, Raker/Roberta’s, Plantpeddler, Millstadt Greenhouses, and Plug Connection to book Dahlightful dahlia series plants.

Available for 2019/2020 orders in these 5 colors

Dahlightful® Dahlia Georgia Peach

Warm apricot semi-double flowers

Dahlightful® Dahlia Lively Lavender

Semi-double lavender blossoms and lacy foliage

Dahlightful® Dahlia Crushed Crimson

Dark burgundy-crimson semi-double flowers

Dahlightful® Dahlia Sultry Scarlet

Sunset red, semi-double blooms

Dahlightful® Dahlia Tupelo Honey

Bright yellow, semi-double flowers

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