About Pioneer Gardens

Pioneer Gardens

Pioneer Gardens, founded in 1995 by Jaap Molenaar and Arjen Vriend, is a leader in the production and marketing of high-quality perennial starter plants. The company produces both field-grown bare root as well as greenhouse plugs. Pioneer sells directly to wholesale growers and finishers throughout North America. Pioneer’s products are also represented by Botanical Trading, and by Eason Horticultural Resources. The company is situated in the beautiful Pioneer Valley, on the outskirts of Deerfield, in western Massachusetts.

Jaap and Arjen met in college and graduated with degrees in Horticulture in 1988. They were both employed as sales representatives for Van Bloem Gardens prior to starting their nursery. Currently Pioneer Gardens has around 70 acres of perennials in production and employs 40 people year round. 

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