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GardenGenetics (G2) is a small, independent breeding company developing innovative ornamental and edible plant genetics. If you are a grower of vegetative annuals, herbaceous perennials, or flowering shrubs, it is very likely that you are already growing — or soon will be growing — G2-developed plant varieties. 

G2 protects its varieties by US Plant Patents, US PVPs, US Utility Patents, and by PVRs/PBRs outside of the US. They also protect plant brands by registered US and international trademarks, as appropriate. These multi-layered protection mechanisms enable G2 to license plant products and collect royalties, and to then re-invest much of that licensing income into the development of new and improved horticultural varieties. 

As of 1 September 2019, GardenGenetics has been awarded (or has applied for) 64 US Plant Patents. Dr. Rick Grazzini is the Inventor on 33 of these new plant varieties.

About Rick Grazzini

Dr. Rick Grazzini received his BS in biology from Penn State in 1975, and taught high school in rural PA for three years before beginning graduate studies during the summer of 1978. He subsequently received his MS in Horticulture (plant breeding) from Purdue University, and his PhD in Genetics from Penn State. Rick was recognized as an Outstanding Alumnus by the Eberly College of Science (2003) and by the College of Agricultural Sciences (2009) at Penn State University. To date, Dr. Grazzini is the only Penn State alumnus to be recognized in this way by more than one College at Penn State. 

Dr. Grazzini is an experienced plant research scientist, with more than 25 years of commercial and academic research experience. He has authored more than 20 peer-reviewed publications; delivered numerous platform or poster presentations at national meetings; and is an invited speaker on campus, to government agencies, and to his business clients.  

Nonetheless, Rick considers himself first to be an entrepreneur.  Over the past 25+ years, Rick has been growing small businesses, ranging in size from start-ups to established but rapidly changing concerns. GardenGenetics is his fifth start-up business, and it began full-time plant breeding activities in 2007.

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