About Botanical Trading Company

Botanical Trading Company

Botanical Trading Company (BTC) is an independent floriculture agency that develops unique marketing and innovative strategies for the latest new ornamental plant genetics. BTC works very closely with some of the largest north American retailers trialing, testing, and introducing the newest perennials, biennials, flower-bulbs, and crossover perennial-type shrub varieties.  BTC-chosen varieties are mostly vegetatively-propagated, depending on the product and its intended market. 

BTC is uniquely positioned to work with breeders and growers on new plant introductions from start to finish, by working on product-specific protocols and growing guidelines. They also help with tag development and marketing strategies.  BTC serves as the breeders’ eyes and ears, and therefore can protect their varieties in the US marketplace.  

About Ko Klaver

Ko Klaver is a horticultural product and services provider who spends most of his time implementing new and exciting flowerbulb and perennial programs in the North American floriculture market through custom-developed branding and merchandising lines.

Ko grew up on a flowerbulb production farm in The Netherlands, and attended the horticultural Clusius College in Hoorn, The Netherlands. After his second year of college (1988), he participated in a student work exchange program through Future Farmers of America. During this exchange student period, he quickly became the head grower for Pettengill Farms in Salisbury, Massachusetts for the two years he was there, growing cut flowers from annuals, perennials, and flowerbulbs mostly in field and high tunnel (cold-frame) production.

In 1990, Ko became the mid-Atlantic sales representative for Plants International, which ultimately merged into Van Bloem Gardens, selling flowerbulbs and perennials to garden centers and nurseries for pot production and retailing.  Ko developed Van Bloem Gardens’ Flowerbulb and perennial retail-line for Independent Garden Centers.

Since January 2001, Ko has focused on professional growing, providing horticultural product and consulting services to cut flower growers and potted plant growers in greenhouse and field production. Ko has been instrumental in introducing and implementing the ‘Lily-Looks’ pot-lily product line in North America. 

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