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Veronica Seaside

True blue and beautiful!

Looking for a standout thriller in the garden? Veronica Seaside is the answer you have been looking for! This true-blue Veronica offers up an abundance of plumes, that stand up nicely above bright green foliage all summer long. This taller beauty is coastal friendly, offering the gardener not only heat tolerance but exceptional salt tolerance as well. This Hummingbird favorite reaches 20-24″ tall and can be found with an abundance of full color, through August.

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  • Sturdy and upright, with a delicate appearance
  • Tolerates summer heat very well
  • True-blue flower spikes sit nicely above dark green foliage
  • All summer-blooming through August
  • Salt tolerant perennial, great for coastal landscapes


Height: 24″
Spacing: 20″
Spread: 20″
Bloom Time: Summer long
Habit: Upright
Light: Sun
Hardiness: Zones 3-8


Blue spikes drift beautifully atop bright green foliage!