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Aster Colonial™

A trio of colors, perfect for a late-season "patriotic" or "memorial" garden display!

Aster Colonial™ beams with color in your late-season perennial beds. This “Colonial Series” offers a wonderful trio of colors, with a combination of red, white, and blue flowered cultivars that could create a space for a “patriotic” or a “memorial” garden to veterans and heroes. These native, non-invasive, pollinators, bloom late summer into fall, as other perennials “go by”. Flowers attract butterflies and bumblebees, while seed heads provide a much-appreciated treat for birds, such as Goldfinches

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  • Daisy-like upright flowers are great for cut flower stems in bouquets
  • Long blooming, from late-August into mid-October
  • A native and non-invasive plant 
  • Vibrant color late in the season adds extended life to the garden
  • Seed heads are a much-appreciated food for birds
  • Attractive to pollinators, especially butterflies and bumblebees


Height: 36″ – 52”
Spacing:  3′-5′
Spread: 3′
Bloom Time: Late summer through fall
Habit: Upright 
Light: Sun
Hardiness: Zones 3-8

Aster Providence with Monarch Boston in background

Available for 2021/2022 orders in these three colors:

Aster Colonial™ Boston

Deep, rose-red flowers glow in the garden.

Aster Colonial™ Hartford

Glowing purple flowers - a Very Peri garden addition.

Aster Colonial™ Providence

Pure white flowers glow with elegance!